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When you launch a graphic file into a complex automation workflow, often it happens that only few of the separations of the original input file are the ones that should be further processed, ripped, etc.

You can achieve it in different ways, but one of the most convenient is by adding the possibility, by the use of public parameters, to choose the separations to be further processed at the very launch of the workflow.

That can easily be achieved by adding an "Optimize PDF Separations" step in your workflow and correctly defining its public parameters.


  1. Add the "Optimize PDF Separations" task in your workflow. This task's function will be to remove unnecessary separations and leave the ones you want to be further processed. The step can be added for example before a RIP task, or where preferred.
  2. Open the task in order to edit its parameters, and go to Inks tab.
  3. In Action 3: Remove Inks field, add an asterisk:
  4. Click Manage Public Parameters and add Keep Inks to the right side. In the Public Parameter drop-down, select Allow the user to set the value or Let the user select a predefined value depending on your preference.
  5. Click the OK button in order to save your changes.

Now you can launch your workflow on a graphic file and see the result.

It doesn't matter how big is the workflow, and where is the step "Optimize PDF Separations" positioned.

You will be prompted to select the inks you want to be further processed at the very moment of the launch:

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Automation Engine 12.0 and newer

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