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Master Automation Engine Server is not functioning, need to promote assistant Automation Engine Server to be the Master Automation Engine Server. How do you do this?


Prior to this, the Automation Engine Master Server should have Full backup scheduled and copied to another device that is not the Automation Engine.


  1. If the license was activated locally on the Master Automation Engine Server, contact local Esko Customer Support requesting the license to be deactivated. Provide the Master Server PC name.
  2. After this license has been deactivated, activate the license on the Assistant Automation Engine Server.
  3. Adjust License Client Configuration. Go to Start > Programs > Esko > System Controller > License Client Configuration.
  4. Computer name of the License Server field will be the name of the PC where the license file is activated.

Master Server configuration

  1. Assistant Server - Go to Server admin > Server Setup. Change the Current role from Assistant to Master. For more information see:

  2. Restore Full backup that was created from Master Server. For more information see - The last three backups made are also copied from the Master Server to C:\Esko\AEBackups. You can take these in case the other backups are on the original Master Server which is down.
  3. When you restore this, all configurations, central resources and databases will be restored. Now, perform an Activate Server.

  4. All Automation Engine client/ Pilot connections will now need to be adjusted with the new server name.

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Automation Engine 12.x

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