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When using a Router node in a Task Workflow, you may have problems routing on Rich Text Attribute values.


Although the Rich Text Attribute field is selectable, routing using equals always fails. Routing using match fails in some cases.

The cause of this problem is that when searching for Rich Text Attribute values, you actually need to consider the HTML source code of this Attribute.


First of all, inspect the actual HTML content of one of your Rich Text fields:

  1. Click Show Rich Text Controls to open the Rich Text editor.
  2. Now click the Source Code button to see the HTML source code.

Open your Router node configuration and check whether your rules would match with the HTML source code.

For example, if your value is: <p><span style="font-size: 18pt; color: #ff00ff;">test</span></p>, a rule "equals test" would return no match. A rule "contains test" or "match .*test.*" would however work.

For more information on the Router node in general, see:

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For more information on using regular expressions in the Router node, see:

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