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When opening the FlexProofE Verification tool, the following message appears: "The maximum number of licenses is in use. Additional logons are therefore not possible. Do you want to log in to another server?".  The Verification tool shows as not logged in at the bottom left corner.


Use of the Verification Tool requires a Proof Verification and Certification tool license. Check the FlexProofE Server for this license in the Network License Manager. Depending on when the software was purchased, verification may have been included with the base FlexProofE or it may have been an additional purchase.

If the license is present, make sure that the Verification tool is looking for the correct server by going to File > Login and also that the FlexProofE server is denoted by name or IP address in the Name/IP Address field.


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FlexProofE 10

FlexProofE 12

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