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After installing DeskPack on a Mac, the DeskPack Connection wizard is run when starting Adobe® Illustrator®. After configuration is complete, a message is displayed that a server running Automation Engine cannot be found.


The server can be pinged from the Mac with IP address and server name. Automation Engine Pilot will open and function on the Mac.

The diagnostic report in DeskPack shows the following information:

BSCLIENT (ERROR): Exception 26BG_ECouldNotReadFromSocket on line 935 file BGTypes/Private/Source/bg_tsocket.cpp

BSCLIENT (ERROR): BG_ECouldNotReadFromSocket: Invalid argument

BSC_TTMClient (ERROR): Unknown Exception




  1. In the Automation Engine Server, go to Control Panel > turn off the Firewall.

    You need to log on to your server as an administrator to perform this function.
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  1. Anonymous

    What does this mean?  Is there an app or port that we need to open up in the firewall?  If so, can you be more specific?  This is not much of a help.