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How do I save the Collada files which were previously purchased and/or downloaded to my local drive without first opening or placing them in a document?


  1. Open Adobe® Illustrator®, PackEdge, ArtPro or Studio Visualizer.
  2. Click Open from Shapes.
    1. In Adobe® Illustrator®, go to File > Structural Design > Open from Shapes....
    2. In Visualizer, go to File > Open from Shapes....
    3. In ArtPro, go to File > Structural Design > Import from Shapes....
    4. In PackEdge, go to File > Structural Design > Open from Shapes....
  3. When the Open from Shapes dialog appears, click Library in the upper left corner.
  4. Select the Collada 3D model you wish to save.
  5. Click the Info button in the top menu bar.
  6. A window with the the following three tabs appears: Previews, Attributes and Parts.
  7. Click Parts and then use the Export button to save the file to the local hard disk.


When entering the Save as name, be sure to include the file extension, .DAE or .ZAE, which ever applies.

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