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How to import a workflow received in a zip file format into Automation Engine?


After unzipping the Automation Engine 12.2.0 workflow zip file, you see a list of files. Which one do you need to select to import the workflow?

In the previous versions of Automation Engine, you had to import a .tic file. But now, the ZIP file contains .ticket files and importing these doesn't work. You get the following error message:

A problem occurred while trying to read the file:
cannot be cast to java.util.Hashtable.
Check if the file is a correct ticket file written by
Automation Engine.


You must not unzip the workflow zip file. In the Import... menu, select the zip file itself.

Since Automation Engine 12.2.0, the format of exported workflows has changed from .tic to .zip, as it now saves resources files into the exported workflow file too.

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Automation Engine 12.2.0

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