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  • KB89431613: Cape Pack - Show Pallets Double Stacked
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The instructions below will guide you through the steps to double stacking pallets using the Multi-Stack feature.



  1. Click Set-up Buttons.

2. Click the Format Panel button.


3. Click the Diagram View drop-down menu, scroll down and select Multi-Stack.

4. Enter the number of pallets to be stacked in the Multi-Stack box and then click the Draw button.

5. The Multi-Stack view will then appear in the main display window.

If you need to make changes to the Multi-Stack, you can click the Diagram View in the drop-down menu and select Multi-Stack again.
6. To show the stacked pallets in the truck, click Truck in the File menu and then select Show My Truck.

7. The Truck solutions report window will open. You can then select the Solution Number that fits your need.


8. When finished, click File > Save Current Load and Exit.

9. Your results will show in the original pallet window and you can now save your file.
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