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This article describes how to add a new column to an existing List using the source Excel file.

After updating cell data in a List Excel file, you can simply upload a new version of the file to the ListManager project. However, if a new column is added, you will need to re-add the List in the Admin section to add this additional column.


Follow these steps to update your List in WebCenter after adding a new column to the Excel file:

  1. Go to the ListManager WebCenter Project.
  2. Upload your updated Excel file as a new version of the previous source Excel file.
  3. Go to Admin > Attributes > Lists and select your List by clicking its name.
  4. Click Delete List.
  5. Now, recreate your List by clicking New List. Make sure to give it the exact same name as your old List.

After these steps, you will be able to use the new column's data in your Attribute Category. Since you used the same name, the previous connection to the List will also remain intact.

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