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The following error appears:

Error 3048 - Table top not measured or ttop.dat file lost.

The Xx-Guide cannot find the file containing the data used for compensation for variation in table top height.

Global Checks

Go to C:\xx-guide\system and check if the ttop.dat file exists.

If the ttop.dat file exists:

  1. Set Table top reference via Options > Table Options > Table top reference button.
  2. Map table top surface via Options > Table Options > Map table top surface button.

If the ttop.dat file is missing:

  1. Copy the ttop.dat file from the C:\xx-guide\backup folder.
  2. Set Table top reference and run Map table top surface.

Machine Specific Checks

The "Global Checks" section is valid for all machine types.

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Kongsberg XL

Kongsberg XN

Kongsberg XE

Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg C

Kongsberg XPA

Kongsberg DCM

Kongsberg  VL

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