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A retail-ready package usually includes a tear-away feature. Designers usually include perfs or zippers in their design to allow the top to be easily torn off. Here is an example design:

When the user has a design for retail-ready packaging, he may want to produce a video showing his customer or store workers, how the top tears off to make the box ready for the shop shelf.

  • How to define a tear-away by setting properties of special rules?

  • How to create a tear-away animation?


  1. In the 2D design, change the 3D attribute of the perfs or zippers to Tear or Tear and Fold as appropriate.

  2. Convert to 3D.

  3. Click the Make tear-away animation button.

  4. Change animation properties as needed.

  5. Output the animation as a movie or in a PDF output

See video: Tear-away animation

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