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If you have a lot of documents in data stored in WebCenter, it can become interesting to archive data. WebCenter currently does not have an archiving solution to archive projects, folders, documents and other data all together. However, there are a few options to store files and their metadata in a specified location. These solutions are described in this article.


To archive documents, you can move them (automatically) to a specific (push-through) folder. It is also possible to archive documents upon a certain event. The best solution naturally depends on your specific workflow. Below you can see different options described, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Push-through folders

A push-through folder behaves as a regular project folder, with the exception that any file which is uploaded to this folder is automatically copied to a location defined in the configuration. Push-through folders can push files to a network share or a hotfolder of a workflow system such as Automation Engine, to be automatically processed.

A push-through folder can be recognized by its specific yellow folder  icon. The files in a push-through folder have two extra icons. One icon  to indicate whether the copy of the file was successful or not and a button  to copy the file again to the location defined in the configuration.

To learn how to configure a push-through folder, read the section: Create a Push-Through Configuration in the WebCenter Administration Guide.

To use your configuration:

  1. Create a new folder in your project or template and set it to Workflow Folder (Advanced).
  2. Select the configuration you created before.
  3. When configuring your push-through folder, it is recommended to set File Naming to [Project Name]_[Document Name], to see which project the file belongs in.
  • Push documents to a network share
  • One configuration can be applied to multiple folders
  • Feedback on (un)successful document copy
  • Automatic sync as well as manual per document
  • Does not include document metadata
  • Always syncs, no configurable events
  • Cannot sync documents in the project root folder

Workflow connection: Document + metadata (ZIP)

Using the Document + metadata (ZIP) option in the workflow connection configuration, it is possible to copy all documents in a project or specific subfolder to a network share, including an XML file containing all document information.

To learn how to configure a workflow connection, read the section: Create a Workflow Connection in the WebCenter Administration Guide. Follow the procedure described at To automatically archive your documents and metadata (as a ZIP file) in a network folder.... After that check: Add a Workflow Connection to a Project / Template to learn how to add your configuration to your project or template.

  • One configuration can be applied to the entire project
  • Includes document metadata
  • Option to only sync approved documents
  • Option to only sync when project is completed
  • Configurable events for when to sync as well as manual sync
  • Can only be applied to either the entire project or one selected folder in that project
  • No feedback on (un)successful document copy
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