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A user with task edit rights (Admin, Project Manager and members with task edit rights) can request a relaunch in the contextual menu of any output pin with a number.

This will re-create a new workflow task which is similar to the task that gets relaunched.

  1. The workflow needs to be stopped first.
  2. This only works for first-level workflows, not for workflows which are already started from another workflow.
When a workflow is re-launched, WebCenter automatically makes sure that any dependent tasks will depend on the new workflow task, rather than on the canceled one.


Follow these steps to relaunch a workflow task:

  1. Hover over the node in the workflow. This will bring up an information bubble about that node.

  2. Click Relaunch in the contextual menu of the info bubble.

Also see What to do when the workflow goes into failure in the WebCenter User Guide.

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Applies to

WebCenter 12.0 and newer

Last revised16-Nov-17
CW Number239471