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An extra output device license has been installed in the Network License Manager. However, in Esko Proof Client you are still unable to create a link from a workflow to the Device.


In the Esko Proof Client > System Manager, when trying to drag a connection between a workflow and an output device, an error pops up stating that no license is available.


Although the license has been activated and license services restarted, the Esko Proof Server also needs to be restarted in order to recognize the new license.

To restart the Esko Proof Server:

  1. Close Esko Proof Client.
  2. In the contextual menu of the Esko Proof icon (which should be a green square with two arrows if running) in System Tray, click Esko Proof Server Restart.

    The restart can take a little time and the icon may go green some time before the Esko Proof Client is able to open correctly. If opening the proof client results in a failure to connect, then close the application, wait a short time and then reopen.
  3. Return to the System Manager window of the Esko Proof Client. You can now join the workflow to the device correctly.
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Applies to

FlexProofE 12.x

FlexProofE 10.x

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