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Why do some DXF files import with the wrong units?


The DWG/DXF import functionality in ArtiosCAD expects the file to contain a units definition in the file. Some DXF files, including those written by the DXF exporter in older version of ArtiosCAD or those written using the legacy export option in newer versions, may not contain the required units definition. In these cases the ArtiosCAD DWG/DXF import will default to importing using IN rather than what is defined in the import setting. 

To overcome this situation the user may either:

  • Change the units and scale on the fly during import or
  • Use the ArtiosCAD legacy DXF import by turning off the Import DXF files using third party libraries checkbox in Startup defaults > DWG/DXF Options.

The legacy ArtiosCAD import will default to importing using the units defined in the import setting.

ArtiosCAD can only use one import library at a time and all imports will follow the setting defined in Defaults. The user cannot pick which to use during the import process.
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ArtiosCAD 12.0 and newer

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