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ArtiosCAD is generally considered to be forward compatible, meaning that files from older versions will open and work the same in later versions. In some cases features are changed between versions and the functionality offered is desirable for older files. In most cases the new feature can be seen by simply re-running the feature on the old file. However, in manufacturing files there are a number of parameter set values stored in the workspace that must be cleared before the new features can be seen.



In order to update the values in the stored parameters, do the following:

  1. Select the Options menu.
  2. Select either Change Parameter Set or Change Die Press depending on the feature that requires changes.
  3. In the resulting dialog, select a different parameter set and then the original again.

This procedure is also effective:

  • When values in manufacturing tools have been changed from the default value and need to be restored.
  • When parameter sets in defaults have been modified and the new values need to be reflected in a workspace.
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