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How to assign Custom Print Methods to help filter the colors that will appear on your Report Template PDF?


Follow the steps given below to create/assign Print Methods in Adobe® Illustrator®:

  1. Create and assign Custom Print Methods using the Ink Manager in Adobe® Illustrator®
  2. Create Normalized PDF out of Adobe® Illustrator® (Export or Launch Workflow)

Creating Report Template PDF using Attributes Filter:

  1. Launch PackEdge or Plato.
  2. Select Image Mark in the SmartMark palette.
  3. The SmartMark Options - Image Mark window appears.
  4. In the Image tab, click the Insert a SmartName icon.
  5. Scroll down to the ReportMarker option in the Left hand column and then select the taskinputfile SmartName and click the Insert button.
  6. Click the Inks tab and then click the Show Separations options.
  7. In the Ink option, select Custom Inks.
  8. Click the Select Inks button.
  9. In the Select Inks palette, select Attributes in the Select Inks by area.
  10. Click the small black arrow that is to the right of the Attributes Filter window and then select New Filter.
  11. Name the Filter.
  12. Then, in the All of the Following Rules area, select Print Method in first section. Select Equals in the second section and the name of your Custom Print Method in the third area (if the Custom Print Method does not appear, type its name).
  13. If you have multiple Custom Print Methods, click on the + button on the far right side of the window and then add any other Print Methods.
  14. Now, click the Save button.
  15. Make sure that your new filter appears in the Attributes Filter window and then click OK.
  16. Click Apply in the SmartMark Options - Image Mark window.
  17. Save file as a Normalized PDF and then the select this file in the Create Report (ReportMaker) ticket.
  18. After following these steps only the Colors assigned to the Print Methods listed in custom filter will appear on your PDF.
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DeskPack 12 and newer

Automation Engine 12 and newer

PackEdge 12 and newer

Plato 12 and newer

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