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In some tickets in Automation Engine there is not any option to add SmartNames to certain fields within the ticket. In such cases we can fill our information in single tickets and load the tickets dynamically to load those fields.  


A good example of this behavior is in the Upload via FTP ticket. The host field is not SmartName enabled (See screenshot 1).

  1. In order for this to work we can manually type the host name into a single ticket and save that ticket on the system as something similar to SmartName for IE customer name. 

    we would repeat this step for each customer for whom we need to configure an Upload via FTP configuration. 

  2. When using the Upload via FTP ticket in the workflow, right-click the ticket and choose Load Ticket (See screenshot 2).

  3. Then choose Load as reference via SmartName and now you have SmartName enabled tickets to be loaded dynamically. The information that we filled out in the ticket would also be automatically loaded. (See screenshot 3

    If you have done it correctly, your ticket in the workflow should look as in screenshot 4.

  4. Alternatively, this behavior can be achieved by using a router workflow control screenshot5.
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