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When you encounter problems like corrupt ink books, applications crashes, etc., how to restore a backup of the CMS database to go back to an earlier stage?


  1. Go to the Server Admin setup of your Automation Engine/FlexRip Handler:
  2. Click Stop Server.

  3. Go to Restore (navigation on the left).

  4. Click the lock and login to make changes.

  5. Select Backup Folder and click Restore.

  6. In the Restore Backup dialog, select Restore resources only option in the Restore action drop-down menu.
  7. Click OK.
  8. In the Restore Resources dialog, check the CMS checkbox.
  9. Click OK. Then click Yes and Close (this action will activate the server again).
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Applies to

Color Engine Pilot all versions

Last revised21-Nov-14
CW Number240072