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Using static text customization, it is possible to upload your own HTML page into specific areas of WebCenter. This provides you with a lot of possibilities to create a nice layout, for example for the Welcome page. In this case, you may also want to link to existing WebCenter saved searches. This article describes how to get the correct URL to link to your saved search.

For more information about static text customization, see: Customize Static Text.


It is possible to add a link in your HTML that points to a WebCenter saved search. For example you could create a layout with several large buttons, each of them linking to a frequently used saved search. The URL you see when you execute your saved search however will not work properly in your static text customization, you will need to use a slightly different URL.

Follow the steps to find the correct URL to use in your static text customization:

  1. Choose Preferences > My Work from the main Admin menu.
  2. Click Create New My Work Section.
  3. Set Type to Saved Search.
  4. Now select your saved search from the Saved Search list.
  5. The URL that appears in the URL field, is the one you need. For example: dosavedsearch.jsp?searchName=All%20Logos.
  6. Optionally add &showGrid=1 to the end of your URL to automatically show the search in Grid view.
  7. You can now use the URL in your HTML page. For example:

    <div class="dashboard-item">
     	<a href="dosavedsearch.jsp?searchName=All%20Logos&showGrid=1">
    		<img src="../images/logo_icon.png" alt="Click here to see all logos"/>

Having trouble creating a valid XHTML file to use for static text customization? See:

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