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Which features are missing in i-cut Layout Essential, in comparison with the i-cut Layout software?


Here is an overview of the feature differences of the two products:


Will be added in later update
Not available

General Features

i-cut Layout
i-cut Layout Essential
i-cut Preflight

Available on PC

Available on Mac   

Multi-document support


64-bit and Multi-threaded

32-bit support   

Preparing Graphics

i-cut Layout
i-cut Layout Essential
i-cut Preflight
PDF & AI (with PDF content)   
ARD & other structural files   
Cut path mapping rules   
Create cut path based on outline   
Create cut path based on separation   
Create cut path based on layer   
Trace cut path (images)   
Replacing a graphic   
Front-back support   
Run a standard   
Add Bleed   
Optimize / Offset cut path since version 2 

Add white underprint

Extend graphic   
Separation list   
3D Viewer   


i-cut Layout
i-cut Layout Essential
Tiling & Jigsaw tiling  
Tiling Templates  
Tiling Reports  
Tiling Marks  
Eyelet Marks  

Creating Layouts

i-cut Layout
i-cut Layout Essential
Maximum fill version 2
Respect graphics order  
Offcut management  
Guillotine: keep graphics together in strips  
Marks: i-cut barcode & marks, ars, textmark  
Other marks since version 2: new trim marks
Text mark on graphics  
Manual i-cut mark tool  
Align Tool not needed (snapping mechanism)
Snapping graphics mechanism  
Adjust number of sheet copies  
Overrun for true shape nesting  
Move and rotate graphics on layout since version 2


i-cut Layout
i-cut Layout Essential
Split print & cut file  
Export to i-cut & PDF cut file  
Customizable output with SmartNames  
ACM & MFG export  
JDF export  
Preset support  
Reporting output  
Article information
Applies to

i-cut Layout Essential v14

i-cut Layout Essential v16

Last revised16-Mar-17
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