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I need to refine an ink needs in my Color Strategy. How do I send a grid chart to proofer to set adjustments and choose a match?


  1. Open Color Strategy in Color Engine Pilot.

  2. Click the Convert Special Inks option to open Convert Special Inks window.

  3. In the Convert Special Inks window:

    1. Add the ink you wish to refine.

      1. Open ink book and drag ink into swatch.
    2. In the Use (1) column, choose Custom Values (2) in the flyout menu.
    3. Click the Refine Inks(3) icon.

  4. Click the Proof a Grid Chart button to open the Proof  a Grid Chart window.

  5. Choose grid chart settings such as Patch Size, Number of Variations, etc. Then, click the Proof button.

Check for Color Engine Pilot for in depth documentation:

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Applies to

Color Engine Pilot 12.x

Last revised06-Jan-15
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