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When working on an Operating System with non-English language, Studio Visualizer for Adobe® Illustrator® will not translate the CMYK inks properly, resulting in incorrect spot color operations for the CMYK inks in the Finishing Operations window. So, you'll end up with four spot color operations rather than one process color operation and the Visualizer Quality rendering in Studio Designer will not be able to show you any colors.


Instead of one Process Color operation in Visualizer's Finishing Operations window in Adobe® Illustrator®, you'll get four empty spot color operations. Studio Designer set to Visualizer Quality rendering will not show any colors.


We have resolved this issue in the latest Studio installer version 14.0.0 build 48 downloadable from

So, please download the Studio installer from in case you've either installed Studio 14 using the Interactive Applications DVD or in case you see in Adobe® Illustrator® > Help > Esko > Esko Plugins... dialog that you're running Studio Visualizer for Ai version 14.0.0 build 46.

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