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What is Bill of Materials? How can I use it?

What happens if I add a Document to the Bill of Materials?


The Bill of Materials (or BOM) is a list of all parts and assemblies required to a build a complete shippable product. It shows what will be created and delivered during a Project.


In WebCenter, the Bill of Materials is a list of Documents, representing the deliverables. The Documents can be actual production files or placeholder Documents. The Documents in the a Project's Bill of Materials can be a subset of the all the Documents in the Project, or all Documents may be added to the BOM. Any Document added to the BOM, is automatically added to the Project Documents.

By default, the Bill of Materials functionality is entirely disabled in WebCenter. Read Enabling the Bill of Materials Feature to learn how to enable it. Once enabled, every Project in WebCenter will have Bill of Materials, which is empty by default.

Some benefits of using the Bill of Materials functionality:

  • Easier to manage multiple SKU's in one Project.
  • Faster follow-ups of your Projects. You can quickly see progress of the deliverables using specific BOM Search features.
  • Integration with ArtiosCAD.
  • Link with Products/Parts in Automation Engine.
  • Avoid mistakes/confusion about what will be delivered. Changing the BOM of a project is specific permission.

For an overview of topics in our WebCenter User Documentation concerning the Bill of Materials, see: Bill of Materials.

ArtiosCAD Enterprise

With ArtiosCAD Enterprise, you can see all your Projects and (ArtiosCAD) Documents from WebCenter. If you open a Document in ArtiosCAD Enterprise, you can go to the Project’s Bill of Materials and see a list of all the Bill of Materials Documents.

For the ArtiosCAD files, you can change the Count, change the Document Revision or add a Print Item. You can also change the Order of the Documents. If you work with Revisions and you add a Document to the BOM, the latest version within a Revision is part of the BOM (so you actually link Revisions into the BOM).

For more information, see: Working on the Bill of Materials from ArtiosCAD Enterprise.

Automation Engine

You can add Documents to a WebCenter Project's Bill of Materials using the Automation Engine Publish on WebCenter task (from Automation Engine 12.1).

For more information, see: Add Documents from Automation Engine.

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