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When a customer purchases Dell hardware from Esko, the Dell Server warranty needs to be transferred to the company receiving the new Server.


When a new Dell Server is integrated in Miamisburg, Ohio, the Integration Team places a notification letter in the server box for the customer to transfer the Dell warranty when it first arrived onsite. This way the warranty information is sent to Dell sooner than later. To transfer the Dell Server warranty, go to and select Ownership Transfer or click the link below to start the procedure immediately:

You will be asked to type the Service Tag Number (located on the top of the Dell computer) of the computer that you would like to register. 

When prompted for the Previous Owner Information, type Esko Graphics for the Company for the e-mail, and "45342" for the Zip Code.

Once the "New Owner Information" has been entered and submitted, the transfer process can take up to 10 business days for domestic transfer and up to 15 business days for the international transfer. 

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