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SambaFlex Screens allow to choose between seven different transition points for a given resolution. This tool helps you in determining the right SambaFlex Screen settings for your application.

A tool is available on the FlexRip/Imaging Engine PC that you can use to determine the transition points.

This tool will open up in a browser. The steps are shown on the page.


  1. Open the tool: go to Start > All Programs > Esko > Screen Data 1.0 > SambaFlex Screens transition points.
  2. Enter the Resolution.
  3. The list of screen rulings automatically adapts to the resolution. Select the Screen Ruling.
  4. Select the platemaking process.
  5. Select the printing process.
  6. Click Determine transition point.

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Applies to

FlexRip all versions

Imaging Engine all versions


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