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In this overview, we list what is available in Imaging Engine 14.0, 14.1, 14.1.1 and 16 - and what is planned for later or not planned at all. See also the 'What's new presentations' on the support pages: Imaging Engine documentation.


For the features that are not planned, a workaround is provided in the Comments column.

 FeatureAvailable in Suite 14 (July 2014)Available in Suite 14.0.1 (September 2014)
Available in Suite 14.1 (June 2015)Available in Suite 14.1.1 (January 2016)Available in Suite 16 (July 2016)Available in Suite 16.0.2 (April 2017)Available in 18.0 (July/Nov 2018)Planned for laterNot plannedComments


 Normalized PDF


 (error)Use Normalize task of Automation Engine to convert PS to PDF
 Imposition files      
 (error)Use Export IMP to PDF File ticket
 Adobe Illustrator files      
 ArtPro files      
 (error)Use Export ArtPro to Normalized PDF File ticket
 (error)This may be planned, but certainly not for Suite 14
 JDF for Unscreened output   


 Page Box (Media & Trim)(tick)     
 Page Box (Crop, Bleed, Art)      
 Page Selection(tick)     
  Both by range as well as odd/even pages
 Right/Wrong (Mirror)(tick)     
 Smart Marks(tick)     
 Support encrypted PDFs      
 (error)Is not core RIP feature
 User-defined locations for fonts      
 using Shuttle and public parameters for ink selection    (tick) 
 using Shuttle and public parameters for screen settings     (tick)
 Substrate size(tick)     
  Only used for scaling
 FlexProof/E  (tick)   
 Dot proofing ticket      
 Content proof    (tick) 
 Content proof using Mac devices      
  Not yet planned

Only available for Image to tasks, not for the Proof task.

(Equivalent to Scale image in Nexus; Scale page as well is not supported)

 Distortion from file(tick)     
  Only available for Proof task, not for the Image to tasks - if needed use Resize PDF For Output (in Processor module)
 Web growth      
 (error)Workaround possible
 Trapezoidal distortion      
 Visual feedback      
PDF Objects 
 In-RIP PDF color management(tick)     
 Default RGB Profile(tick)     
 Use output intent from file(tick)     
  Not available in Proof task as Output Color profile is the source profile in color management settings
 Output Color Profile(tick)     
   Not available in Proof task as Output Color profile is the source profile in color management settings
 Overprint control      

Nexus allowed overprint to be disabled, or black overprint to be forced on

Use prepress software (e.g.: Automation Engine) to modify incorrectly created PDFs if needed

 Optional content support      
Document InksThis is equivalent to Exclude Colors in Nexus
 Rule-based selection(tick)     
 Manual selection(tick)     
  By default nothing selected (different from FlexRip)
 Merge Inks (manual or 'Merge Similar Inks')      Possible via AP+ Actionlist - see what's new in 18.0.1 (error)Merging inks is not a core RIP issue, so is expected before the imaging ticket in the workflow 
Color Management 
 Color management via strategy selection  (tick)   
 Color management via "profile-to-profile" selection  (tick)   
 Emulation Color management (double CMS)   (tick)  
 Color management to gray output      
 Output File Name(tick)     
 Output Path(tick)     
 Overwrite policy (overwrite/error/extend file name)(tick)     
 File Type TIF(tick)     
  1 bit  and 8 bit
 File Type PDF(tick)     
  1 bit and 8 bit
 File Type LEN(tick)     
  1 bit  only
 File Type PS      
 File Type DCS      
 Flexrip flavor Approval      
 (error)Contact Esko for migration strategy for the Approval
 Flexrip flavor HP Indigo      
 (error)A migration to DFE for HP Indigo is available
 Flexrip flavor B/BI      
 (error)Frozen in FlexRip Suite 12.1
 File Assembly (1 file per separation, 1 file per page,...)(tick)     
  Only available for "Proof" task, not for the "Image to" tasks

For 8 bit TIFF: PackBits, LZW, Flate, JPEG Limited, JPEG Low, JPEG Standard Low, JPEG Standard, JPEG Standard High, JPEG High, JPEG Extreme. (So no more "uncompressed" like in FlexRip)

For 1 bit TIFF: PackBits, LZW, Flate, CCITT Group 4. (So no more "CCITT Group 3",  like in FlexRip)

For 8 bit PDF: PackBits, Flate, JPEG2000. (So no "JPEG high - medium - low", Flate Diff, LZW Diff or 'no compression'  like in FlexRip)

For 1 bit PDF: PackBits, Flate, CCITT G4. (So no more "CCITT Group 3", Flate Diff, LZW Diff, uncompressed, RLE  like in FlexRip)

For LEN: None, Flate. (so no more "Sun Frontend") 

  New since FlexRip: freely enter resolution number
 CT Resampling / Image sampling(tick)     
 Anti-aliasing   (tick)  
 XMP for file information/transformation(tick)     
 XMP for ink information(tick)     
 XMP for reference and pages information(tick)     
 XMP for Screening(tick)     
 XMP for Calibration(tick)     
 LEN tags (screen info, rip transformation, staggered cut line and CAD data)(tick)     
 CIP3 ink key settings (Nexus feature, not including ink key settings)  (tick)   
  FlexRip features planned for later
 CIP4 ink key settings      
 (error)Not yet planned
 PDF encoding (Ascii85, Binary, Hex)      
 Pre-RIP settings (Blend to CT, resolve transparency, convert strokes)      
 Merging / Stitching      
 RIP Single Separation      
 (error)There is no advantage to this feature in IE 14
 Hell Gravure ticket      
Separations (screening and curves) 
 Automatable workflow-based screen parameters(tick)     
 Use screens from PDF(tick)     
 Override PDF ruling/angle/dot in workflow(tick)     
 Object based screening with Adobe screens  (tick)   
 Standard FlexRIP screens(tick)     
 Paragon Screens (Diamond35, Elliptical35, Eucledian)(tick)     
 Paragon Round (tick)    
 HD Flexo Screens(tick)     
 Screen manager generated screens (Concentric screens, custom screens)(tick)     
 Highline screening(tick)     
 Highline XM screening     (tick)
 Dynacell screening      
  Not yet planned
 Stochastic screening (tick)     
  Available, but screen is in GUI presented with angle/ ruling 
 Nexus FM dots   (tick)  
 Seamless screening  (tick)   
 Hole / dot centered screening(tick)     
 Angle Sets     (tick)
 Yellow Moiré options(tick)     
 Visual feedback of screen parameters(tick)     
 Fail if clashing object screens      
 (error)Feature in Nexus to catch situations where objects with different screens overlap. In IE 14, the screen of the topmost object is used.
 Plate Curve support(tick)     
  From file, single curve, strategy 
 Press Curve support(tick)     
  From file, single curve, strategy, PressSync curve, PressSync strategy
 Allow exceptions(tick)     
  For Dot, Ruling, Angle and Press Curve (only supports single curve for now)
 FlexoSync / LithoSync /      
 (error)These are superseded by updated PressSync technology
 OptiRange    (tick) 
  via 'Corrections' tab in IE ticket -> Range Correction - not possible per separation
 Extra cutbacks      
 (error)Use exceptions and/ or Curve Pilot features instead
 Scum dots     (tick)
  In Rip Dot removal option
 Screen registration      

Screen migration tool (extra tool to move/copy customized screens like HD Flexo screens and Screenmanager screens)

(tick) (tick) separate tool available   
  In 14.0 only available in ScreenManager, in 14.1 as a separate tool

For a detailed list on the available screenings, please check these KB articles:

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