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The following are the minimum system requirements for ArtPro 14.1. Exceeding these requirements will in most cases lead to a performance increase. Running ArtPro on a system that does not meet these requirements is not supported.

Minimum requirements for ArtPro

Minimum System Requirements for ArtPro 14.1
Processor type and speedMac Intel processor (PowerPC not supported).

Minimum 2 GB RAM.

Available hard drive space

  • System drive
  • Data drive
The software takes about 1GB of disk space. Also take into account the need for storage of temporary and production data. A backup solution is strongly advised.
Minimum screen resolution

Minimum 1280 x 1024 resolution, true color depth.

Note: ArtPro is not optimized for viewing on a retina screen.

Internet connection10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, TCP/IP v4 protocol, TCP/IP v6 protocol is not supported.

Supported Operating Systems

Recommended operating systems are highlighted in the tables below.

If an operating system is not listed in the tables below, it is not supported. Do not try to install ArtPro on a computer running an unsupported operating system.

Mac OS

EditionClient OS
10.11 (El Capitan)      (tick) *
10.10 (Yosemite)(tick)

10.9 (Mavericks)


10.8 (Mountain Lion)

10.7 (Lion)(error)
10.6.0 - 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)(error)
10.5.0 - 10.5.8 (Leopard)(error)

( * ): supported from version 14.1.1

The server versions of these operating systems are not supported.

System Requirements
Applies to




Version14.1, 14.1.1
Last revised22-Dec-2015

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  1. Anonymous

    Version 14.1 is available now for the customer?

    1. Hi!

      The release of version 14.1 was postponed until July 7th.

  2. Anonymous

    And the upcoming mac os X 10.11 edition?

    1. Hi, please check this Knowledge base article for updated info:

      KB172015073: Do we support Mac OS X El Capitan

  3. Anonymous

  4. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the latest update for El Capitan,10.11.3, has been tested with Artpro 14.1?

    1. Anonymous

      That's 14.1.1 BTW

    2. ArtPro 14.1.1 is the first version of ArtPro to officially support El Capitan.

      We have tested with the latest update available at the time of release (early October 2015).

      So if anyone runs into any issues that they think may be related to an OS update, please report them so we can investigate.


  5. Anonymous

    Did anybody ever had problems in saving the graphics file on exit, on a network share? It happens sometimes that, instead of saving the correct file, a file named something like XXYYZZ1234567_Z_ is created, and is not usable. We have in this case to save the file locally and then move it on the share. Any idea? Thank you

    1. can you please log this issue by sending an email to (please mention your company name and contact person), Thanks!