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Will GRS be supported in Automation Engine 14?


GRS is an old proprietary Esko file format.

GRS represents a 1-up made in old versions of PackEdge. GRS has been replaced by normalized PDF since a long time.

In Automation Engine there are two tasks capable of handling GRS:

  • Export to Normalized PDF: This task will convert a GRS file to normalized PDF file. This task allows recuperating jobs from old archives.
  • Export to GRS file: This task will convert a normalized PDF file to GRS file. This task allows exporting jobs so that they can be processed on old systems.

The "Export to GRS file" has been marked as "deprecated" in the Automation Engine Pilot. This indicates that this task will be discontinued at some point in the future.

Both tasks will be supported in Automation Engine 14. At the time of writing this article no decision has been taken as to when these tasks will be removed from the future Automation Engine versions.

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