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I need to provide my Company Code to Esko in order to register for an Esko ID. How can I find my Company Code?


Every company that orders software, hardware or services from Esko gets assigned a unique Company Code for tracking purposes. This unique code is used in all your interactions with Esko.

Also, when you create an Esko ID, we link your Esko ID to your company's Company Code to make sure that when you sign in on our websites, you will see all the relevant information for your company.

Where can you find your Company Code?


For your security, we can not provide your company code online.

You can find your Company Code on any Esko quotation, invoice and even on the Emails you get from our online Support Portal.


Still can't find your Company Code? Please inform us via


For your security, we can not provide your company code online.

How can you recognize your Company Code?

For the US, Canada and Mexico, a Company Code consists of one of the letters A, C, D, or S, followed by 0 and a series of 4 numbers. Some examples:

  • A08756
  • C08754
  • D09689
  • S09521

For the rest of the world, a Company Code consists of 5 or 6 alphanumeric characters, usually containing an abbreviation of the company name. Example: DOEGRA.

Company Codes created for new customers via the Esko Store consist of the letter Q, followed by 5 characters. Example: Q054321.

If you still can't find your Company Code


Already have an Esko ID, but need to link it to the correct company code?

Please inform us via

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