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FAQ - Defaults

What happens if a user can't see Shared Defaults?

ArtiosCAD needs access to shared defaults.

Shared defaults is a WebCenter project that contains the ArtiosCAD configuration or preferences.

Users need to be invited to this project.

Learn about shared default permissions >

Learn about the cache >

How do I version a library function file or a defaults file with no extension?

Some underlying ArtiosCAD-supplied files have no extension. This article explains how they can be versioned.

Learn about versioning files with no extensions > 

What happens if I can no longer modify shared defaults?

Defaults can be edited by one user at a time.

This article explains what happens if the defaults are locked and are considered read-only.

Learn about read-only defaults >

What is different about ArtiosCAD version 16 defaults?

There is a new format for ArtiosCAD 16 defaults so that, starting with ArtiosCAD 16,

all versions 16 or higher and all languages can share the same set of defaults.

Learn about ArtiosCAD 16 version and language agnostic defaults >

Learn even more...

FAQ - Installation

What is the difference between Modify and Repair in the ArtiosCAD Installer?

This article will answer the question, "When do I use Modify and when would I user Repair?".

Learn more >

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