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When you create a round 3D shape with conic label in Studio Toolkit for Labels in Adobe® Illustrator® (Ai), you get a 2D conical label shape after placing the structural design file in a document.
How to calculate the actual center-line width of the flat rectangular label area (non-conic starting shape) to make a template for the designers?


Follow the steps given below:

  1. Draw a vector line to revolve.
  2. Revolve and rotate this into a 3D shape via Studio Toolkit for Labels in Ai.
  3. Write down the radius value for top and bottom (Radius Settings button in the Add Labels dialog).
  4. Place the resulting structural design file in an Ai document.
  5. Use the following formula to calculate the dx value: Pi*(d1+d2)/2. Where in this case dx is only half of the full width of the label.
  6. In case you want to create a full width template, calculate Pi*(d1+d2) and use that result as width value for the template. The height of your template can easily be measured from top center to bottom center of the conical label area in Adobe® Illustrator®.

When using the Conic Warp feature from Studio Toolkit for Labels, you can see that this template and its position will nicely warp to match the conic label.

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