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After upgrading or moving your Nexus server, you can no longer see any of the Esko or PCC screening families in the Assemble Separations or Rasterise Separations tasks. What is wrong?


When you open the settings of your RIP activity (Assemble Separations or Rasterise Separations) in the NexusManager workflow editor, you can not see any of the Esko or PCC screens. You could see them before the upgrade or on your old server.


NexusManager can only show the screens when it finds the corresponding screening files. The RIP activities also need to find the screening files.

  • If you upgraded Nexus on the same server, verify if you still have the installation folder of your previous Nexus version. Inside that folder, check for a folder named Esko Screening for the Esko screens and/or PCC Screening for the PCC screens. Usually, the screening folders are saved outside the Nexus installation folder and an alias to the folder is created inside the Nexus installation folder. Copy the aliases to your newer Nexus version's installation folder.
  • If you moved your installation to a new server, locate the Esko Screening and/or PCC Screening folders on your old server and copy all the data to the new server. Make sure the aliases are created in the Nexus installation folder as well.
  • If you no longer have access to your old server, you will need to recreate your screening files. Please refer to "Chapter 11. Screening & Calibration" in the Nexus 10.1.2 Manual which is available in the Nexus section on for more information on how to create the Esko Screening folder using the ScreenManager application. You will need a Windows computer to run the ScreenManager and copy the screening folder to your Nexus server afterwards.

You need to restart Nexus after making the screening folders available, before the screens are shown in NexusManager.

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