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Which EPL file do I have to choose for my Epson x900 or WT7900 printer?


All information we have about this is also on Imaging Engine DVD in the Extra\FlexProofE_14.0_EPL directory.

These EPL Files are provided to be used with multiple Proofing substrates.

As of the release of this DVD, the list of papers we have already successfully tested in combination with these EPLs are:

  • EPSON Standard Proofing Paper 205/240g
  • EPSON Proofing Paper White Semimatte
  • EPSON Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250)
  • GMG ProofPaper semiMatte 250g
  • EFI Gravure Proof Paper 4245 Semimatte
  • EFI CertProof Paper 6225XF
  • Oris Pearl Proof Super 240g
  • Image2Output 245gsm semi matte Proofing Paper

The easiest way to install these EPL files is:

  1. In the Esko Proof Client, go to Tools menu > Esko Proof Uploader (under the ).
  2. The Media Profiles tab provides the possibility to upload Printer Linearization (EPL) files.
  3. After uploading, please restart the Proof Server.

About the EPLs:

  • 720x1440dpi EPLs give usually a more stable quality than 1440x1440dpi (at the moment only available for the x900 printers).
  • The EPL labeled with "highTAC" was successfully tested in combination with the following media: EPSON Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250), GMG ProofPaper semiMatte 250g. It is intended for similar substrates being able to handle high amount of ink. In every case the print quality has to be double-checked by means of the provided Checkchart_3.pdf.
  • To double-check usability of the EPLs, please print Checkchart_3.pdf without Color Management. The easiest way is to import the file directly in to the Proof Client.
  • This is to verify that there are no printing issues preventing a successful profiling. Examine this chart especially in the dark and green areas for overinking and grainyness. In case overinking is detected it is not possible to use the EPL for high quality proofing.
  • If this testpasses successfully, one can proceed to create a proofer profile.

    We don't provide profiles beside these EPL files. It is recommended to create a new proofer profile for each device/paper combination.
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