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ArtiosCAD licenses are activated on the license server (not applicable to local or standalone licenses). Customers might in certain situations want to deny some computer from using certain modules or might want to reserve some modules or complete licenses for particular computers.

For example: Sales people use ArtioCAD Viewer only to view the file and they do not edit any file. But when they double-click the ArtiosCAD file, it opens in ArtiosCAD application and one license is acquired.

To avoid this we can restrict the sales person's computer from fetching the licenses of ArtiosCAD.


  1. Go to Start > All Programs > ESKO > Artios > Configure Floating licenses.
  2. Double-click the required module to open the following window:
  3. There are two options namely, Reserve and Deny.
  4. Click the Add button and type the computer name to Reserve or Deny license for that particular computer.

The same procedure should be repeated for all the modules.

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