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How to start a 30-day trial of one or more Studio components?
This article describes what can be trialed and where to find the installers as well as how to start the different trials.


1] What can be trialed?

The following Studio components can be trialed (as part of the Studio Essentials bundle):

  • Studio Designer (plugin)
  • Studio Visualizer (application and plugin)
  • Studio Toolkit for Boxes (plugin)
  • Studio Toolkit for Labels (application and plugin)

We do not offer trials for Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, Studio Toolkit for Flexibles and Store Visualizer.

2] How to start a trial?

Go to , on the website where you can request your trial, you will be asked to log in with your Esko ID.
If you don't have one feel free to create one.

Creating an Esko ID is simple. All you need to create an Esko ID is an e-mail address and, if you are already an Esko customer, your Company Code

(plus) Create your Esko ID here

3] Where to find the trial installers?

Visit the trial section of to download the trial installer:

To be able to start a trial, you'll need to click either "Trial for Mac" or "Trial for Windows" button and start filling out a contact form.


4] What needs to be installed?

After downloading the Studio installer, you'll need to run both Studio Plug-ins and the Studio Applications installers.


5] How to start the trials?

Now that the software is installed, you can start the free 30 day trial:

  1. Launch Adobe® Illustrator®.
  2. Go the Esko Plug-ins window. (If this doesn't show up automatically, please select Help > Esko > Esko Plug-ins from the Adobe® Illustrator® menu).
  3. Select the Studio Essentials entry and click the Start Trial button.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen.


For all Studio modules, the trials must be started from Adobe® Illustrator®. Do not try to start trials from the Studio Visualizer application, or the Studio Toolkit application.

When starting a trial for Studio Toolkit for Labels via the Esko Plug-ins window in Adobe® Illustrator®, you will also be able to use the Toolkit for Labels features in the Studio Toolkit application. Hence, you will have both the functionality in the Toolkit for Labels plug-in in Adobe® Illustrator® and in the Studio toolkit application.

When starting a trial for Studio Visualizer via the Esko Plug-ins window in Adobe® Illustrator®, you will also be able to use the Studio Visualizer application.

  1. Click the Esko Plug-ins button to open the dialog (or select Help > Esko > Esko Plug-ins from the Adobe® Illustrator® menu).
  2. Select the product for which you want to start a trial and click the Start Trial... button to open the activation wizard.
  3. Simply click Continue to activate the trial license and start the 30-day trial period. There is no need to fill in any activation account details.
  4. After successful activation, you will need to restart Adobe® Illustrator® to make the changes effective.

titleStudio Toolkit

The Studio Toolkit application can also run in unlicensed mode to import, compose and export 3D models. The Labels, Flexibles and Shrink Sleeve features in the Toolkit are licensed.

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