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After activating new licenses for special screens (Ex: Sambaflex, Monet, Rugby), when tried to re-run the Screens installer to add / update screens database, the following error appears “Unable to write process tree to C:/Esko/bg_prog_screens_vxxx as the file may be in use”.


Unable to install FlexRip screens. The following error message appears: “Unable to write process tree to C:/Esko/bg_prog_screens_vxxx as the file may be in use”.


The error message describes that the file or folder path C:/Esko/bg_prog_screens_vxxx is in use by the system process.

The reason could be that a process of Esko software (FlexRip) is accessing the file from path C:/Esko/bg_screens_vxxx. The Screen installer can’t write / update screen data until the process stops referring to the path.

Option 1:

Ensure that no tasks are running in the Automation Engine Pilot and try to re-run the Screens installer. If this doesn’t work, follow the steps given in Option 2.

Option 2:

  1. Go to Task Manager (CTRL+ SHIFT + ESC) > Processes tab.
  2. In the View menu, go to Columns and select Command Line in the Columns view.
  3. Now check the process in Task Manager that is accessing the file from the path C:/Esko/bg_prog_screens_vxxx in the Command Line column and END the process tree.

You should now be able to update screens database by re-running the Screens installer without any issue.

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