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When you open an Attributes or Task Specifications page, an error message may appear stating that an invalid selection was made. The reason for this is that existing Attribute values do not have a matching value in the List which is linked to some Attribute field(s), see Cascading Dropdowns functionality. 


The following error message appears on the Attributes or Task Specifications page: "Invalid selection made".

This problem occurs in the following situations:

  1. The two different List types available in WebCenter have been mixed up. They are Cascading Dropdowns from Excel Sheet (front-end Lists, stored on the Web Server) and the newer type of Lists stored in the WebCenter Database (back-end Lists).
  2. The Lists are based on the same Excel sheet and the Excel sheet has strings with multiple consecutive white-space characters.

The front-end List uses the Excel driver to read the data from the Excel sheet, and this driver will discard multiple white spaces in the data string, for example: Size 1     250g becomes: Size 1 250gThe Database List does not do this and will keep the original value as in the Excel sheet.

If you use the front-end List to populate the Attribute values and the back-end List to implement the cascading drop down, the user will be able to make a selection, for example Size 1 250g, which does not have a matching value in the other List. Once the Attribute value is saved and the user opens the page again, the error "Invalid selection made" appears.


Esko cannot influence how the Excel driver reads the data. So Esko cannot fix this issue directly.


To resolve the issue, make sure that only one type of data source is used. In other words, do not mix up front-end and back-end Lists. Use only back-end (database) Lists when possible, since this is newer and more efficient implementation. Also see: Why use Database Lists instead of Web Server Lists?

Another way to avoid this situation is to not use consecutive white-space characters in the data string. 

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