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Does Imaging Engine need to be activated to be able to install Color Engine Pilot on the Workstation?

Can Color Engine Pilot be installed separately?


No, you You can install Color Engine Pilot separately on the workstation.

Normally you will connect this Color Engine Pilot to your central resource database. But we recommend installing the data resources as a fallback mechanism.

Therefore installing Color Engine Pilot separately will also require installing the following resources:

  • bg_data_cms
  • bg_data_dgc
  • bg_data_fonts
  • bg_data_screens

Procedure to install Color Engine Pilot

  1. Download Imagine Engine and open / save the .iso file.
  2. A window will open with folders and the setup.exe file for Imagine Engine.
  3. Do not click the setup.exe file in the Overview window but open the packages folder. Go to Packages\Kaleidoscope folder and then
  4. Packages that need to be installed are as follows:
    1. cms_v010
    2. dgc_v010
    3. fonts_v010
    4. screens_v010
    5. egsis_v010
    6. kaleidoscope_vxxx (version of the Esko Suite)
  5. Go to the above listed folders and click the setup.exe file in that folder. This is
    The screenshots below shows the installation file for Color Engine Pilot.
    Image Modified
  6. When all the components are installed correctly,
    1. Open the Color Engine Pilot and go to Edit > Preferences > Color Settings.
    2. Make sure that the location of your Color Engine Database is set correctly.
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Color Engine Pilot 16.0 and older

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