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ArtiosCAD 14.1.1 is the first version to include all languages in a single installation set. This allows any user, regardless of locale, to install from one single media disk/download and have access to any language variant.

This is achieved through the use of a complete set of libraries (language resource .dlls) which are dynamically called by ArtiosCAD during the launch of the program containing all language-specific resources in a single file per language. Other applications, accompanying an ArtiosCAD installation such as DataCenter Admin, Database Tools and the Enterprise Migration Tool were small enough that including all versions of each program was deemed to be the simplest course of action. However, due to this, their Start Menu shortcuts will be dynamically renamed/repointed every time ArtiosCAD's language mode is switched.

Explanation (what is changed when a language is switched)

  1. ArtiosCAD.exe itself will key-off a specific registry key entry which is changed by the Language Switcher each time a user runs it, located under the conventional root key ArtiosCAD uses:
    The value is LANGCODE and can be one of these following values:
    • en (English)
    • de (German)
    • fr (French)
    • it (Italian)
    • es (Spanish)
    • pt (Portuguese)
    • ja (Japanese)
    • pl (Polish)
    • cs (Czech)
    • hu (Hungarian)
    • ko (Korean)
    • ru (Russian)
    • cn (Simplified Chinese)
    • tw (Traditional Chinese)
  2. All other programs including DataCenter Admin, the Database Tools and the Enterprise Migration Tool are switched by re-pointing and renaming the stortcuts to them found in the Start Menu. Since most of these items are small, a full, separate version of each was installed under the Artios folder, usually located under "C:\Esko\Artios" by default. The exact sub directory under that will vary depending on the tool. For instance the "datacenter" folder at the top level will contain a "Program" folder which holds languauge specific folders for each type of "datacenter.exe". Upon switching a language the target of the DataCenter Admin shortcut is switching its path amongst the "datacenter.exe"s in these target folders. The installer, by default, also puts a shortcut to DataCenter Admin on the user's desktop so it also is re-pointed and renamed.
    Here is a current list of all shortcuts which are modified.
    1. DataCenter Admin datacenter.exe (both in the Start menu and Desktop).
    2. Configure Floating Licenses LMConfig.exe.
    3. Esko ArtiosCAD License Type Configuration ACADLicenseType.exe.
    4. Defaults Migration DefaultsUtils.exe.
    5. Esko ArtiosCAD Database Export ACADDBExport.exe.
    6. Esko ArtiosCAD Database Loader ACADDBImport.exe.
    7. ArtiosCAD Enterprise 14.1.1 Migration (may have multiple versions installed, all above and including v.14.1.1 should change).

Problems/ Limitations

Every time the user elects to switch the language, the Language Switcher will search the Start menu for items which point to the executables listed above. After finding them, it will adjust the path as necessary to reflect the new language and change the name to a more language appropriate version as well.

Users who have several older versions of ArtiosCAD, prior to 14.1.1, may notice that there are shortcuts which do not change. For example: there were older database tools which are not part of the above set. Also, they may have a Migration Tools folder on their system, named according to the language it was installed with, which contains such tools.

These shortcuts will not be updated with the Language Switcher. Anything outside of the set of shortcuts listed above will not be modified.

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