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ArtiosCAD client on Local FlexNet licensing which had been working fine is now giving the following error when launching ArtiosCAD: "Feature is not available: The License Manager is initializing or down".

Most commonly this error occurs after upgrading ArtiosCAD Server and Client.

When you click OK, ArtiosCAD opens normally and it's fully functional.


The following error appears: "Feature is not available: The License Manager is initializing or down".

This means that ArtiosCAD is locating the license server License Server on the computer where this message is displayed and it fails to connect to the license server License Server within 100 ms.

The error occurs when a wrong license type is chosen during the upgrade. Esko ArtiosCAD License Type Configuration points to a server that has no Network License Server installed.

ArtiosCAD searches for the floating license first, doesn't find any and times out.

Afterwards ArtiosCAD opens and is fully functional because it finds the local licenses.


  1. Go to Start > Programs > Esko > ArtiosCAD > Esko ArtiosCAD License Type Configuration.
    Local license is activated but Network Licensing is selected.
  2. Change Set the Servername to Localhost and change the radio button to LOCAL license.
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