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While publishing a file from Automation Engine to WebCenter, can I drive the auto-completion of the Attribute Category, by adding one or more Document Attribute values?


Unfortunately, it is not possible. 

It is only possible to drive Cascading Attributes in your Attribute Category, by providing values to the Attributes, in the WebCenter interface.

More Details

While creating an Attribute Category and using the Grid Layout, the user can restrict the values of Attributes to a List.


For more information, also read the section about Cascading Dropdowns in the WebCenter User Documentation.

Using the following methods to update an Attribute - with the desired result to automatically cascade the other Attribute values linked to the List - will not work:

  1. Publish on WebCenter ticket in Automation Engine

    In the Publish on WebCenter ticket, the user can specify Document Attributes and their values. The Attributes part of the Attribute Category (that will automatically be assigned to the Document Type, once arrived in WebCenter), have to be entered manually. Even if the entered Attribute, matches the one used in the Attribute Category restricted to use specific List values, the values will not be read out. They still need to be entered manually. Once the upload is done, the Attributes specified to be updated during the document upload, will be altered in WebCenter, however the Attributes that should cascade, will be blank.

  2. Integrate with WebCenter ticket in Automation Engine

    Also, the action Set Attribute or Specification value(s) cannot be used to drive cascading Attributes. Only the Attributes provided in the ticket will be updated. Cascading Attributes will not.

  3. Standard SDK call

    The Publish on WebCenter and Integrate with WebCenter ticket, use an SDK call to WebCenter in the background. The "raw" SDK call also is unable to drive the update of cascading Attributes, when prior values have been specified.

  4. ArtiosCAD Enterprise

    Additionally, while editing a document in ArtiosCAD Enterprise, you are also able to provide values for the Attributes assigned to the Document (or Project it is in). If these Attributes are configured to cascade (using List data), they also will not be updated by providing values for one or two Attributes.
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