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What do I need to know if I want to Rip/process LENx LENX files in the software version of 21.07? Are there any differences compared to LEN files?


LENx LENX is a special variant of the LEN file format developed exclusively for Esko's CDI Crystal imager series and Crystal screens, and is not intended to be used as an interchange format.

  • LENx files always have a resolution of 4000 ppi. You can use the Image to Screened Separations task to generate them LENX files (they are always generated when you use Crystal screens).
  • If you are using a printing condition, the output files are always LENx LENX.
  • It is only possible to generate LENx LENX files if you have the appropriate license.

Refer to the Imaging Engine documentation regarding these file formats and related imaging tasks.

In general, routing and processing of LENx LENX files are similar to that of the LEN file type. On the other hand there are some differences, restrictions as LENx LENX files contain technology which is only intended to be used on Esko CDI devices.

It is possible to use LENx LENX files in the following Automation Engine tasks since 21.07

  • PrepareForViewer
    with version 21.07 LENxLENX-files can be prepared for viewing.

It is not possible to use LENx LENX files in the following Automation Engine tasks:

  • Create Wrapper File
    This also means that a PDF file cannot contain a reference to a LENx LENX file.

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