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How to install Imaging Engine tools like Curve Pilot, PressSync Pilot, Print Control Wizard, ScreenManager on a (new) PC without needing Imaging Engine itself.

For example: you want to install Print Control Wizard on a PC connected to a i1/iO device. The procedure below describes the installation on a pc where nothing from Esko has been installed before.


Make sure the license for your tools are activated on the central license server (in most cases: Automation Engine). Curve Pilot / PressSync Pilot does not have a separate license, it's included in an Imaging Engine license.

Use the Imaging Engine installer, for e.g. "2018_November_IE_install20181113.iso"

  1. Open the setup.exe.

  2. Go to Software Installation.
  3. Install Imaging Engine / Pack Proof 18.x.
  4. Go to the steps given below:
    1. Install the Network License Manager 18.x
      1. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
      2. Open the Network License Manager.
        Depending on your OS, you can do this by:
        • Go to Start > All Programs > Esko > Network License Manager > Network License Manager.
        • Click Network License Manager on your Apps screen.
      1. In the Esko Network License Manager, go to Tools > License Client Configuration.
      2. In the License Client Configuration dialog:
      1. Enter the name of the server that you are using as a license server.
        If your license server is also the server you are installing Imaging Engine on, you can also enter the localhost.
      2. Click Apply.
      3. Click Exit.
      1. Close the Network License Manager to go back to the Imaging Engine 18.0 Installer page.
    2. Go to step 2: Check and install the Imaging Engine/Pack Proof System prerequisites.
      In the latest phase of this step, you will see the Enter Server Name dialog, prompting you to enter the name of the server running your Automation Engine. This will install the bg_system environment variable with the Automation Engine server as value.
    3. Go to step 3: Install the Imaging Engine/Pack Proof 18.0 products
      1. When you click Yes to the license agreement, it will list the products for which there is a license.
      2. You can deselect all applications and only select the application you need. If you only want to install the Print Control Wizard, select the Imaging Engine 18.x Curve Pilot.
titleDo not use the Curve Pilot installer link on the Automation Engine installer

There is also a Curve Pilot installer link in the Automation Engine DVD (in Extra). Don't use this link to install the Print Control Wizard on a clean system (no Esko software yet) as it will not work (not everything is installed). Even when using this link to install Curve Pilot, you have to make sure that the Network License Manager is installed and configured and the bg_server environment variable is setup (connection with the Automation Engine server).

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Imaging Engine 18 and newer

Curve Pilot 18 and newer

PressSync Pilot 18 and newer

Print Control Wizard 18 and newer

ScreenManager 18 and newer



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