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When using ArtiosCAD output to submit a job to IPC, ArtiosCAD is connecting to the IPC as configured in the IPC-JDF output.

Both simple hostname, FQDN or IP address can be used. Communication with the database is done on ports 80 and 10003.

If this communication is not working, you get the following error:

No Format
UGUI - Unable to get materials from the Kongsberg table (<IPC hostname>): The server name or address could not be resolved.


  1. Make sure the IPC computer has the service for the iPC IPC Resource Database: KongsbergQueueServer started.
  2. Make sure that you can ping the IPC system and that you can connect to the ports 80 and 10003. IT to check for firewalls if there is no communication.


The error message should show the name of your IPC computer. If the warning shows <IPC hostname> as in the example above, the grouped output is using a JDF output that is not configured. Check for duplicate output names.

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