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What is the 'fill grid placeholder' SmartMark? 


  • The 'fill grid placeholder' SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (see SmartMarks - optional SmartMarks**) that allows to add SmartMark objects in the vertical/horizontal gaps between graphics in a grid based layout.
    Content by Label
    cqllabel = "285559100" and space = currentSpace()
  • The SmartMark can be used on PackEdge and Plato files.
  • The 'fill grid placeholder' SmartMark is attached to the 'General' anchor point.

Options of this SmartMark

This SmartMark scans for all stations in PDFPLA files or for all external references in normalized PDF files and - depending on the selected mode = sorts them into rows or columns (in the same way as grid mark).

When the option 'On' is set to 'Vertical Gaps', the mark will iterate over all columns and within each column, it will iterate over all vertical gaps between the graphics in the column.

On each vertical gap, it will load the specified SmartMark set. When this SmartMark set is run, it will 'see' the area of this gap as the document size (trim box). See the red boxes in the screenshot below (these are generated by loading a SmartMark set that creates a stroked rectangle that is fitted to the trim box (sheet size) ).

By default the SmartMark set is loaded on every gap between graphics but through the option 'Repeat every … rows', one can skip a number of rows.

If a column only contains one graphic, then by default the SmartMark set is not loaded (as there is no gap between graphics). But when the option 'Take complete column in case of single label' is switched on, the SmartMark set is re-generated but it will 'see' the bounding of the die shape as the document size.

When the option 'On' is set to 'Horizontal Gaps', the effect is similar - graphics are sorted on rows and the SmartMark set is loaded on the horizontal gaps between the graphics in a row.

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