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Pantone announced 220+ new colors (1-DEC-2022), are they also available for PantoneLIVE?


The new colors are available for PantoneLIVE. They are added to the following libraries:

  • PANTONE Solid Coated
  • PANTONE Solid Uncoated

Note that the libraries are renamed!

Old library nameNew library name
PANTONE Solid Coated-V4

PANTONE Solid Coated

PANTONE Solid Uncoated-V4

PANTONE Solid Uncoated


Are the new libraries automatically becoming available in Color Pilot?

  • I am an existing PantoneLIVE user:

Color Pilot connects at startup time with PantoneLIVE. The new libraries will be detected and shown in the PantoneLIVE explorer

State of the old libraries= deprecatedState of the new libraries= can be downloaded

A download action will remove the old libraries from the PantoneLIVE explorer! It will also replace the old ink book by the new one in the ink book library.

Before the download actionAfter the download action

  • I am a new PantoneLIVE user:

Only the new libraries are shown!

Does the new library name conflict with the solid and uncoated ink books that were installed by defualt?

No, the Esko ink book name contains an additional “+” character.

EskoPANTONE+ Solid CoatedPANTONE+ Solid Uncoated
PantoneLIVEPANTONE Solid CoatedPANTONE Solid Uncoated

Are inks referring to the old ink book name still found after downloading the new library?

Yes, PantoneLIVE ink books are registered with a bookName and guiName. Only the guiName is updated when downloading the new library. Hence the inks are found despite the new ink book name.


Are color builds for inks linked to the old ink book name kept in the exception list of a color strategy after downloading the new library?

Yes they are, the new ink book name is used and the color build is preserved!

Is the Apply PantonLIVE Condition ticket broken?

No, you can't select master ink books in this ticket, only dependent ink books!

Is the new library also available in the Color Library of WebCenter (Color Trace)?

The new ink books appear after an "Import Color Books" action in the Asset Management Connection (type is EskoCloud-Color).

(warning)Note that the old ink books are NOT removed from the Color Library!

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