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This article explains with an example on how a composition can be created in ArtiosCAD so that the composition can be used in Studio applications. The same procedure can be adopted for your structural designs.

We shall create a composition as shown in the screenshot given below.

To do this, you will need:

  • The CAD file of the box.
  • The CAD file of the tray.

The attached with this article has all the files for you to try out.


  1. Convert the 2D design to 3D in ArtiosCAD:

    1. Open the ArtiosCAD application.
    2. Open the file BOX.ard.
      1. Go to File menu and select Convert to 3D.
      2. In the next window, choose the base face as shown in the screenshot below and click OK.

      3. The box will now open in 3D.

    3. Now go to File > Open. Browse and select Trayfinal.ARD.

      1. Go to File menu and select Convert to 3D.

      2. In the Convert to 3D window that appears, select Add to 3D and click OK.

      3. In the next window, choose the base face and click OK.

      4. The tray will now open in 3D along with the box as shown below:

  2. Align the designs accordingly:

    1. Use ArtiosCAD 3D tools to align and repeat the designs

    2. Tip

      Use the Array Copy tool if you have ArtiosCAD 12 or later.

    3. Additionally, you can use different view modes to check the alignment.

    4. The result should look like the screenshot below:

  3. Exporting the composition to a collada file:

    1. Once you are done with aligning the designs, go to File > Outputs-3D and choose Collada.

    2. In the Collada dialog,
      1. Check the Use View Settings checkbox in the Graphics resolution section.
      2. Choose the PNG radio button in the Include bitmaps section and .ZAE file in the Save as section.
      3. Click OK.

    3. Browse and select the location to save the Collada file.

    This Collada file can now be used in Studio of PackEdge, DeskPack and ArtPro to make multi-part 3D file.
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