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When there is a custom spot ink called 'green' or 'white' with different CMYK/ LAB values than the inks with the same name in the ClassicColors ink book, the custom 'green' or 'white' inks will automatically get converted to the ClassicColors Green and ClassicColors White ink definitions when you export to Normalized PDF. So you might end up with different colors than specified in the Adobe® Illustrator®.

The Ink Manager will list the 'green' and 'white' ink as inks coming from the ClassicColors ink book.


Ink with exact same name as used in the ClassicColors ink book will be mapped to the ClassicColors ink definition on export to Normalized PDF. So color might look different than defined in the Adobe® Illustrator®.


Turn off the Use ClassicColors Ink Book option in the Ink Manager Preferences in DeskPack and make sure the Preferred Ink Book option is not set to the ClassicColors Ink Book.

  • On Mac, go to Preferences > Esko > Ink Manager Preferences.
  • On Windows, go to Edit > Preferences > Esko > Ink Manager Preferences.


You can also change the name of the ink to a name that doesn't exist in the ClassicColors ink book.

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DeskPack Plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® 12.0

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