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In order to have this functionality, an optional module called Reporting and 3D is available in the Automation Engine.

With the aid of this, a new ticket by name Create Report (ReportMaker) will be available in the Automation Engine.

The ReportMaker task is used to automate the creation of design print cards (in French: fiche technique, in German: Drueck Karten).

The idea is that you generate reports containing all kinds of information like: job name, used inks, name of the operator, an image of the job etc.

This can also be configured in a way that the output files will have fields which will be automatically populated with the required data.


Click the link given below to learn how to create the ReportMaker templates and use it in the Create Report (ReportMaker) ticket of Automation Engine:

Click the link given below to learn how to create reports from the ReportMaker template using the Create Report (ReportMaker) ticket of Automation Engine:

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